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About SEM or Schoolwide Enrichment Model

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model has been developed around a shared vision that

"Schools are places for talent development."

Academic achievement is an important part of this vision, which enhances levels of excellence and quality that contribute to our standard of living and way of life. This concept is based on the belief that everyone has an important role to play in societal improvement and that everyone's role be enhanced if educators provide all students with opportunities, resources and encouragement to aspire to the highest level of talent development.

The purpose of this model is to integrate existing services into "a-rising-tide-lifts-all-ships" approach to school improvement and expand the role of enrichment specialists by having these persons infuse specific practices for high end learning into the total school program.
The SEM provides educators with the means to:

1. Develop the potentials of young people by systematically assessing their strengths, providing enrichment opportunities, resources and services to develop their strength, and using a flexible approach to curriculum differentiation and the use of school time.

2. Improve the academic performance of all students in all areas of the regular curriculum and blend standard curriculum activities with meaningful enrichment learning.

3. Promote, continuous, reflective, growth oriented professionalism of school personnel to such an extent that many faculty members emerge as leaders in curriculum and staff development, program planning etc.

4. Create a learning community that honors ethics, gender and cultural diversity and promotes mutual respects, democratic principles and the preservation of the Earth's resources.

5. Implement a collaborative school culture that includes appropriate decision opportunities for students, parents, teachers and administrators.