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1. Centers of Excellence 

The Academy has provision for various centers of excellence for example- Science and Technology, Art and Culture, Sports where continuous work is to be carried out by interested children, teachers, parents and experts. These centers are an alternative to the hobby classes where students can pursue varied hobbies.Top

2. Library and Resource Center 

In keeping with the latest trends of the great schools of the world, the library will be termed as Resource Center. In addition to reference books, encyclopedias, journals, periodicals and magazines the library would also have access to information via the Internet. This library and resource center will be open 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year to continue to search for knowledge.Top

3. Individual Workstations for the Students and the Faculty

Computer lab has 120 computer stations for the students where each student is exposed to world of telecommunication technology, and knowledge through Internet. This building also houses 120 individual work stations for the teachers where all the teachers can carry on research in their own specialized field.Top

4. International Sports Facilities

The Academy has 18 acres of land under sports. Facilities include a gymnasium with ultra modern facilities, 400 meters athletic track, 8 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools (1 Olympic size), 1 football field, 4 basketball fields, 4 volleyball fields, a cricket field and a three lob wedge golf course.Top

5. Boarding Facilities

The Academy has separate boarding houses for boys and girls. These boarding houses have spacious dining halls, common rooms and 4 bedded rooms for the students with independent study table and locker. Hostel also houses an infirmary for boys and girls separately and also a meeting station for visiting parents. The hostel would have a services block for laundry, hair dressing, cobbler, etc.Top

6. Specially Designed Classrooms

The classrooms are provided with doubled area over the prescribed norms with cluster settings to deal with special requirements for the below average, above average, intelligent and gifted children. Audio visual aids like video conferencing facilities have been provided in the classrooms whereby any teacher sitting anywhere in the world could teach the students live.Top

7. Food

For the development of healthy body and spirited mind, a well balanced holistic pure vegetarian food shall be served. A specialized kitchen garden and a modern dairy farm near the school shall cater to the daily needs of the students, in the freshest form. Keeping in view the diversity of the students coming from all around the world, the snacks/coffee shop shall have provision for non - vegetarian food, Continental and Chinese snacks.Top

8. Health and Medical Care

For looking after the physical fitness of the students, a qualified doctor shall be permanently available within the complex. A modern infirmary with 12 beds is available. In case of serious illness, the student will be immediately transferred to the city hospitals at Delhi with immediate information to local guardian and parents. For mental fitness of the students, regular relaxation programs are incorporated in the curriculum to keep all the students cheerful and stress free.Top

9. Student's Debit Card

Each student shall have a card to buy items from the school shopping mall, cafeteria etc. Monthly credit limit shall be set as per the instruction of the parents but not exceeding Rs. 50/- per day. Other expenditures like educational tours, special meals, sports gear etc. shall be charged on the student debit card. No child shall be allowed to keep pocket / cash money.Top

10. Security and Intelligence

The academy has a three- tier security and intelligence system manned by security experts. A unique feature of the system is the intelligence network to gather information about the vendors and other outsiders coming in contact with the school, issuing them proper identification documents and keeping a regular check on their activities and movements. Powerful search lights and an ultra modern close TV surveillance system covering the whole campus shall assist the security personnel to provide a round the clock fool proof security for the students. Special ex-NSG trainer shall provide self-defense training to the students as well, as a part of the regular school curriculum.Top

11. Auditorium and Open Air Theatre

The air conditioned auditorium with multimedia facilities would be used for making presentations prepared under "Enrichment Clusters" on social, political, economic, environmental and scientific problems at the national and international levels. The auditorium would also be used for training of the teachers which is one of the most important features of the academy. 
The open air theatre will accommodate about 200 students and will be primarily used for morning prayer, special lectures, outdoor drama and celebrating festivals.Top

12. Faculty Residence and Guest House

All the teachers of the academy would be provided separate residential accommodation in the campus itself. A shopping mall has been provided for the faculty and the students for convenience. The academy has provision for accommodating visiting parents who have come from far of places to meet the children or the faculty. The guest house would also be used by visiting faculty.Top

13. ISO 9002 Quality System

For running the school as a perfectly managed institution, ISO 9002 quality system is built in The Modern Academy International to impart nothing less than the World Class Service. Once achieving the ISO 9002 certification, the school aims at TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT - TQM.Top